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EDL #15
IRC: #EDL | Demos: http://demos.q2players.org
Sign ups: off
EDL - Terms & Regulations

Also refered to as the rules and the rule sheet.

version 12.1

Constituted by Welkin for the 2011/2012 season, with connection to the 2011 Regeneration Manifesto.

Note to players: Violations of the rules and/or any dubious behavior may be held against players in future issues of any event.


1.1 The European Duel League (EDL) is an online Quake2 deathmatch duel competition, open to any player regardless of location.
1.2 Official IRC channel is #EDL on Quakenet, in which all players are expected to be present when online on IRC. Any player unaccounted for may be considered absent and unavailable.
1.3 Official time zone is CET/CEST (Central European Time/Central European Summer Time), meaning UTC +1:00/2:00. All timestamps in the #EDL IRC logs and on the website (except in certain played games' match details, as these timestamps may refer to the local time on the server in question) therefor follow CET/CEST. To be able to view timestamps on the website correctly, "time shift" needs to be set to +1:00 in your Q2scene account settings (click here for tutorial).
1.4 The competition is governed by the EDL Crew. The EDL Crew consists of admins. The Admins are supervised by the Head Admin, who in turn is supervised by the Supervisors. The Supervisors are assembled by the Head Supervisor.
1.5 Scenarios and situations that are not covered by the rules will be brought up for discussion among the Crew. The Head Admin may ultimately decide the verdict.
1.6 This rule sheet may experience changes during the course of the competition, if such changes are regarded as necessary by the Crew.
1.7 This rule sheet and any official or unofficial information, may be deviated from if regarded as necessary by the Crew.
1.8 The Crew may not heed private arrangements, may they be in conflict with the rules or not.
1.9 Crew members and supervisors are allowed to participate in the competition. They are subject to the same terms and regulations as any other player.
1.10 Complaints concerning players who are not part of the admin crew, are to be sent to an admin.
1.11 Complaints concerning admins – as either players or admins – are to be sent privately to the Head Admin. EDL #14 Head Admin: claire
1.12 Complaints concerning the Head Admin – as either player or admin – are to be sent privately to the Head Supervisor. The Supervisors may decide on the need for correction and/or the extent of a possible penalty. EDL #14 Head Supervisor: Welkin
1.13 The competition shall elapse in a smooth, fair and, for the scene, stimulative manner, meaning that
1.13.1 players who show no interest in the competition or disturb its progress in any way (including but not limited to avoiding opponents and being excessively unavailable) may be penalized.
1.13.2 players who show a lack of sportsmanship (including but not limited to insults, excessive whine and ragequitting) may be penalized.



2.1.1 The competition may hold any number of divisions (a.k.a. tiers) - even one. The purpose of divisions is to separate players of considerably different skill levels.
2.1.2 The separation process will be influenced by the composition of players that have signed up, and by the ambitions of the Crew. It is performed mainly with the ambition to have each division hold a balanced skill level, and the groups equally difficult to pass through, but other factors may be considered, such as the entertainment value in certain match-ups.
2.1.3 The separation process is carried out by the Crew, possibly with help from selected trustees. Names of trustees will be made public, but information on the separation process will not.
2.1.4 Each division will have its own separate group stage. It is also likely that each division will have its own separate playoff (either single or double elimination), but variations of the precept may be.
2.1.5 Number of players in each division and group will not be disclosed before completion of the separation process. Neither will the number of players advancing to playoffs.


2.2.1 Each player will play every other player in the same group. The order of opponents is randomly generated, as is which player is home team in a game.
2.2.2 Rounds normally last one week, starting and ending at midnight between Sunday and Monday.
2.2.3 Players are to play the game versus their opponent of the round, during the course of the round, unless otherwise agreed on (procedure as explained in 3.2.5).
2.2.4 Groups with an odd number of players will each round give a free pass to one of its players, meaning no game.
2.2.5 Playing more than one game and opponent per round is encouraged, but players are allowed to refuse to prematurely play games of future rounds.
2.2.6 Forfeiting a full game (a.k.a. walkover or w/o) will result in a penalty of -75 frags per map, and a total of -1 point (only during group stage). A number of warnings will also be given, as stated in section 6.2.
2.2.7 Forfeited games may be replayed if both players agree. Warnings will then be down-sized to half their value.
2.2.8 Group stage point system:
- 2-0 : 3 pts
- 2-1 : 2 pts
- 1-2 : 1 pt
- 0-2 : 0 pts
- 0-2 (w/o) : -1 pt
2.2.9 If at the end of the group stage two players end up with the same amount of points, the outcome of their group stage game decides who gets the higher place. three players have the same amount of points, the order of places is determined by 1) the outcomes of their mutual group stage games, or 2) the total net score of frags in group stage. four players or more have the same amount of points, total net score of frags in group stage determines the order of places.


2.3.1 Whether a playoff will be single or double elimination may be announced as late as shortly before it is to take place.
2.3.2 During playoffs a player may have to play more than one game a week.
2.3.3 Initial positioning of players in the playoff tree in case of one group in a division, will have the higher placed player face the lower placed player (among those who advance). For example: #1 vs #8, #2 vs #7, #3 vs #6, etc.This does not mean that this will be the number of players advancing. in case of several groups in a division, will have players from different groups match up against each other. The higher placed player in one group will face the lower placed player (among those who advance) of the other. For example: A1 vs B8, A2 vs B7, A3 vs B6, etc. This does not mean that this will be the number of players advancing.
2.3.4 Home team in games during the first round of the playoff (regardless of single or double elimination), will be the higher placed player. in games during rounds past the first (in single elimination and winners bracket in double), will be the player who has 1) the better net score of maps in playoffs, or 2) the better net score of frags in playoffs. in losers bracket games will be the player who 1) lasted longer in the winners bracket, 2) has the better net score of maps in playoffs, or 3) the better net score of frags in playoffs.



3.1.1 By signing up for this competition the player vows that he/she understands the terms and regulations and acknowledges their legitimacy. The player also agrees to treat crew members and fellow players with respect and dignity.
3.1.2 Players are to sign up with their "real" nicknames (usually meaning the nicknames they are most well known under), and the Q2scene user account that the EDL Crew associates them with. Signing up with a "fake" or alternative nickname may result in penalty, such as being directly kicked out from the competition. Consult the Crew if you are doubtful.
3.1.3 Players signing up for the competition are required to provide the Crew with current and active email addresses. Preferably by sending an email to quake2edl at gmail dot com with message text consisting of the nickname of the player. Failure to do so before the sign-ups deadline may annul the player's registration. Email addresses will not be shared with anyone outside the Crew, or used for any other purpose than competition related affairs.


3.2.1 Players are expected to schedule their games without help from the Crew, using the comment section on the individual webpage of each game. To access these webpages, simply click on "schedule" (in the left menu on the website), and then on the game's "date" link (located to the left of the players' names).
3.2.2 Players are to submit a comment (procedure as explained in 3.2.1) by the start of each round, with all dates and times during the course of the round when they are able to show up and play. A dialogue between the players should then follow, where they agree on a specific time and date (preferably by continuing using the comment section).
3.2.3 Any comment that has been edited may be considered invalid.
3.2.4 If the players are able to come to an agreement and schedule the game in any other way, they are naturally allowed to skip 3.2.2. However, in case of an argument, the Admins may not heed anything other than the comments submitted on the game's webpage.
3.2.5 Postponing a group stage game is only allowed if the players agree and decide on a specific future round to postpone it to. Such an agreement - with the number of the round stated - is to be proclaimed in the comment section of the game's webpage by both players. When the future round arrives, 3.2.2 is in effect again. Playoff games (except Grand Finals) are generally not allowed to be postponed.
3.2.6 When a game has been scheduled (or rescheduled), the players are expected to inform the crew so that the match details may be updated on the website. This to be able to keep the scene updated.
3.2.7 If a game fails to get scheduled and/or played before the end of the round, and neither player submitted a comment as explained in 3.2.2, the game will be forfeited on account of both players. and only one player submitted a comment as explained in 3.2.2, the game will be forfeited in that player's favor. but both players were actively striving to schedule it in line with 3.2.2, the game will be forced accordingly to 3.2.8-10.
3.2.8 Players in a game that is pending to be forced, are required to submit new dates and times (procedure as explained in 3.2.1) by Tuesday the week after the round. Submitted times must be between Thursday and Sunday of the week after the round.
3.2.9 If a player is unable to play on the days stated in 3.2.8, the Crew may get involved and try to work something out.
3.2.10 If one player provides considerably more dates and times than the other, that player is likely to be favored when the game is forced.
3.2.11 Games will be forced at a reasonable time (considering both players' time zones, but around 18.30-22.30 local time on weekdays, and 11.00-23.30 weekends) between Thursday and Sunday. Date and time will only be announced through an update of the match details on the website, anytime during Wednesday.
3.2.12 Players may reschedule a game that has been forced, if they are able to come to an agreement.
3.2.13 Failure to show up on a scheduled or forced date and time, will be interpreted as forfeiting the game.
3.2.14 Games prior to finals (winners bracket finals, losers bracket finals, and grand finals) may be played without an admin being present and involved. Finals may not.
3.2.15 A player may refuse a particular Admin, if the neutrality of this Admin is questioned, but never on the day of the game. The player must at the same time name a minimum of two Admins that he/she wishes for instead. The date and time for the game may then be decided by the other player and either of the two Admins (within the reasonable times mentioned in 3.2.11).


3.3.1 During official games the players are to use the nicknames under which they have signed up. Very few exceptions are made.
3.3.2 Players are recommended to meet on IRC 15-30 minutes before the scheduled time. During this time they are to make all the necessary preparations, such as agreeing on server(s), changing server settings, etc.
3.3.3 Both players are equally responsible for making sure that their game is carried out in the correct fashion (as dictated in section 4). Games played with certain incorrect and/or incomplete setup may be regarded as invalid, and will not be considered official until replayed.
3.3.4 Both players must record demos on all maps, in order to abide by 3.4.1-2.
3.3.5 Both players must take screenshots of all map scores, in order to abide by 3.4.4.
3.3.6 On non-OpenTDM servers: Players may not activate buttons or lifts at a time (such as during countdown) so that when the game starts, they are not in their original state or position.
3.3.7 If a player is able to see the opponent's team messages (messagemode2), he is expected to directly inform the opponent of this. A time-out called for such reason will not be regarded as one of the sort mentioned in 4.3.4-5. This may only happen on Tourney servers.
3.3.8 ID mode turned on (showing the opponent's name when aiming at him/her) during the game may result in penalty, and possibly even forfeiture of maps where the Crew considers its use to have been of considerable value. It is toggled on/off by typing "id".
3.3.9 Players do not possess the right to demand observers to leave the server, or to have the server locked by an Admin. He/she may ask courteously though.


3.4.1 Both players are required to publish their POV demos, meaning their own recorded point of view (no spectator demos are valid), from all maps played.
3.4.2 Players are required to upload their demos to the official demo website (demos.q2players.org), within 48 hours of having been provided the URL for the uploading webpage (by email or other means). Any degree of failure to do so may result in warnings, as stated in section 6.2.
3.4.3 A warning issued for failure to abide by 3.4.2 may be down-sized to half its value, if the Crew regards the demo(s) as uploaded within reasonable time. Players need to inform the Crew of such activity, as this is not done automatically.
3.4.4 Players are required to provide the Crew or one of its members – preferably by email – with screenshots of all maps' final scores, as shown on the post-game scoreboard. Also required is to provide information on playing order of maps, and how the maps were chosen (who picked and kicked what). This is to be done by 19.00 CET the day after the game. If screenshots have not been provided, both players may face penalty. This as a step to lighten the Crew's work load during season, and being able to keep the scene updated.


4.1 MAPS

4.1.1 Map pool: aerowalk, koldduel1, ptrip, q2dm1, q2duel5, q2rdm1, q2rdm2, ztn2dm2, ztn2dm3
4.1.2 Group stage games are played as best out of three maps ("bo3").
4.1.3 Playoff games are played as best out of five maps ("bo5").
4.1.4 Grand finals are played as best out of five maps ("bo5").
4.1.5 No map may be played more than one time in a game.


4.2.1 GROUP STAGE In group stage games, maps and map order is determined as follows: 1) home team (meaning the player in first position on the game's webpage) picks one map from the pool and is played first, 2) away team (meaning the player in second position on the game's webpage) picks another map from the pool, 3) if a decider map is needed, players take turns kicking maps until 1 is left. The Player with better net score of frags decides who starts kicking maps.

4.2.2 PLAYOFFS In playoff games, maps and map order is determined as follows: 1) home team picks one map from the map pool, 2) away team picks another map, 3) home team's map pick is then played first, and away team's secondly, 4) the following two maps are determined by elimination of the remaining maps. The player with better net score of frags in the game, will decide who starts eliminating. The player who does not start eliminating, will pick which map (out of the maps left after elimination) to play next.

4.2.3 DECIDER MAP If a game is tied and requires a deciding map, procedure for determining decider map is as follows:
in games played on neutral server(s), the player with better net score of frags in the game, will decide who starts eliminating the remaining maps. home/away servers, one player will pick the server and the other player will pick the map. The player with better net score of frags in the game, will decide who picks which. The map may be any of the previously not played - including the two eliminated in step and The server must be one of the two previously used in the game, unless both players agree on a specific new server to switch to.

4.3 In the event of or and both players having the same net value (of score), an old-fashioned "blaster fight" in the q2dm1 arena determines who will be given the benefits of otherwise having had the higher net value.


4.2.1 Only servers listed in the Allowed Servers list should be used. Games played elsewhere may not be considered official until replayed on a listed server. This rule is not enforced until we have had several servers updated! An email will be sent out when this is.
4.2.2 During group stage non-OpenTDM servers may only be allowed if 4.4.2-6 can be set.
4.2.3 During playoffs non-OpenTDM servers may only be allowed if 4.4.2-9 can be set.
4.2.4 If the players are not able to agree on a neutral server, they may play the game "home/away", meaning they instead agree on two servers. If possible, the ping advantage on the first server should be similar to the ping advantage on the second - preferably no more than a 30-40 ping difference in total.
4.2.5 Players have the right to refuse to play on non-European servers, but are encouraged not to.
4.2.6 When the game has started (i.e. the end of the countdown), the map must be played out on the one and same server. Change of servers may only take place between maps.
4.2.7 When a game is played on "home/away" servers, the home team's map is to be played on the away team's server, and vice versa.
4.2.8 When "home/away" in a playoff game, the third map (as well as the fifth in the Grand Final) is played on the server used for the first map, and the fourth map (as well as the sixth in the Grand Final) on the server used for the second map.

4.3 MISC.

4.3.1 Leaving a map prematurely – not staying in the team until the time limit is hit – may be interpreted as forfeiting the map. The forfeiting player may receive a penalty of -75 frags added to the map score, as well as a number of warnings (as stated in section 6.2).
4.3.2 Leaving a game prematurely – leaving maps completely unplayed – will be interpreted as forfeiting the remaining maps. The forfeiting player will receive a penalty of -75 frags/map, as well as a number of warnings (as stated in section 6.2).
4.3.3 A player who has forfeited more than one map in a game, will receive the game forfeit penalty of -1 point.
4.3.4 During one map, if a player holds the game for more than a total of five minutes, or calls more than two time-outs, he/she may get the map forced to a forfeit and/or a number of warnings.
4.3.5 During a full game, if a player holds the game for an average of more than a) three minutes per map, and/or b) 1,5 time-outs per map, he/she may get the game forced to a forfeit and/or a number of warnings.
4.3.6 If a player overflows and is unable to return in time to rejoin the team before the end of the time-out, the map is replayed with the time limit that was left plus three minutes. The scores from both parts of the map count. You are recommended to add "set joincode xxxx" (replace the x'es with numbers of your choosing) to your config, so that rejoining the team will be possible.
4.3.7 A player that is suspected of overflowing on purpose, and/or has a suspicious overflowing rate, may be penalized.
4.3.8 If the server crashes, the map is replayed with the time limit that was left plus three minutes. The scores from both parts of the map count.
4.3.9 If 4.3.6 or 4.3.8 happens when a player is in such a considerable lead that it is beyond all reasonable doubt that the other player will lose the map, the map may be considered completed with the score that was before the interruption.
4.3.10 If the players can't agree on who to wear which player skin, home team will use female/athena and away team male/grunt.
4.3.11 A game may not be paused in between maps for more than a total of 30 minutes, and only if both players agree to it.
4.1.8 Going up on the roof on ztn2dm2 and not instantly committing suicide, will result in a map forfeit. If you end up there by mistake, type "kill".


Click here for a script to paste into your config, which will make it easier and quicker to vote for the numerous server settings.

O = OpenTDM (a.k.a. OTDM) T = TeamPlay DM (a.k.a. TDM) BG = Battleground (a.k.a. Battle)

4.4.1 On OpenTDM servers with curl interface activated, the EDL webconfig should always be loaded – "vote webconfig edl". If that is possible, ignore 4.4.2-11.
4.4.2 Timelimit 15 min – O/T/BG: "vote tl 15"
4.4.3 Powerups off – O/T/BG: "vote powerups 0"
4.4.4 BFG off – O: "vote weapons –bfg" / T/BG: "vote bfg 0" Except on q2dm2, where BFG must be on.
4.4.5 Telemode normal – O: "vote telemode normal" / T/BG: n/a
4.4.6 Switchmode/fastweapons, dmflags, tp, etc, must be set to their "normal" values. Rarely does this require attention.
4.4.7 Tiemode overtime – O: "vote tiemode ot" / T: n/a / BG (admins only): "overtime timed 2"
4.4.8 Overtime 2 min – O: "vote overtime 2" / T: n/a / BG: same as above
4.4.9 Spectator chat invisible – O: "vote chat 1" / T/BG (admins only): "obsmode whisper"
4.4.10 All gameplay bugs fixed – O: "vote bugs 0" / T/BG: n/a
4.4.11 1v1/match mode on – O: "vote mode 1v1" / T: n/a / BG: "vote mode match"
4.4.12 ID disabled – O/T: n/a / BG: "vote disallow id" See 3.3.8.
4.4.13 Skins: male/grunt & female/athena. – O/T/BG: e.g. "teamskin male/grunt" See 4.3.10.


To check players for anticheat status, modified files and Q2 client, type aclist.
To check players for Q2 client version, type !version. Note that this is only reliable if the given response corresponds with the client name (e.g. R1Q2) in the "aclist".

5.1 Bots, wallhacks, speedhacks, spiked models and any other generally considered cheat is strongly prohibited, and admitted and/or proved use of either at any time may result in penalty - such as being directly kicked and/or banned from the competition.
5.2 Valid Q2 clients: R1Q2, AprQ2, Q2PRO and EGL, together with a valid renderer (e.g. R1GL, default opengl or the software renderer).
5.3 Use of a file that enables cheating is not permitted and may be penalized.
5.4 In the event of an investigation into suspected cheating activities of a player, his incapability of providing requested material that may act as evidence, may be interpreted against his favor.
5.5 A player may be requested to make camera recordings during games (ΰ la David). Failure to comply will lead to penalty. Forfeiting such a game is regarded as failure to comply. These videos may be made publicly available. Sensitive information in such publications may be removed if the player explicitly wishes. The request will be made by email and/or in the match description on the game's webpage.
5.6 Use of the anticheat.dll library in encouraged, but not necessary as it doesn't work with anything newer than Windows 7.



6.1.1 Any violation of the rules may result in penalty.
6.1.2 A warning is one form of penalty.
6.1.3 Reaching the warning limit may result in being kicked from the competition. Players are allowed an average of one warning per round/opponent, meaning players in different groups may have different limits. Advancement to playoffs expands a player's limit.
Current limits during group stage: Div 1 A - 8, Div 1 B - 7, Div 2 A - 9, Div 2 B - 8, Div 3 A - 9, Div 3 B - 9, Div 4 A - 7, Div 4 B - 7
6.1.4 Warnings are not official until issued by an Admin and published in the Record of Warnings - never before.
6.1.5 Certain violations are considered severe enough to result in multiple warnings, or even directly being kicked from the competition.
6.1.6 When removed from the competition during group stage, all the player's group stage games (past and future within the season) are turned into forfeits on his/her behalf, and each map score is changed to "o:w" ("0:0" if the opponent has also been removed).
6.1.7 Before the season is announced to be completed, any participating player can receive warnings for any activities related to the competition. Meaning players can theoretically be kicked out of the competition even after having finished their last game.
6.1.8 A player who is kicked from the competition forfeits any possible prize. The Crew may capriciously decide what to do with forfeited prizes.
6.1.9 Only the Head Admin or an appointed Deputy Head Admin is authorized to kick a player from the competition.
6.1.10 Players that are especially prone to violations or have a history of irregularities and/or suspicious behavior, may be placed on the Red List. Such players will face further restrictions and/or lower allowances, as specified in the Red List document.


Click here to access the current Record of Warnings.

6.2.1 During group stage, forfeiting one map in a game may result in one warning.
6.2.2 During group stage, forfeiting more than one map in a game may result in two warnings.
6.2.3 During playoffs, forfeiting one map in a game may result in one or two warnings. If the map was at least 80% complete by the time of the forfeit, only one warning may be given.
6.2.4 During playoffs, forfeiting more than one map in a game may result in three warnings.
6.2.5 Any forfeiting in games during or past the semi-final stage, may result in any number of warnings.
6.2.6 A warning may be given for every single demo not uploaded accordingly to 3.4.2.
6.2.7 Multiple warnings may be given for every single demo, from games during or past the semi-final stage, not uploaded accordingly to 3.4.2.
6.2.8 Considerably poor, abusive and/or disrespectful behavior – in any relation to the competition – may result in any number of warnings.
6.2.9 Penalties may be down-sized if found justified by the Crew.

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