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2017-01-10 2x2::2017::Is started!
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EDL #15
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EDL #16 Soon...2017-08-15 07:12 | claire
It's almost that time again!

Start getting the dust off your PC, make sure your autoexec.cfg still works, practice shit-talking, find your lucky shoes and all of that stuff. The 16th season of EDL will be starting soon.

You'll probably a map vote show up in the next couple weeks and then the season starts a couple weeks after that.
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Slow and paintfull playoffs2017-01-16 15:38 | ceba
Its me again, that means bad news ;)
Playoffs were announced on 6th of December 2016. That's 6 weeks ago. As Claire mentioned in his post, we were planning that one round = one week, so 6 rounds :) If we take December as a festive period when no one cares about q2, let say it was a round 1.
Still someone didnt manage to play a single game during those 6 weeks (MHZ, Barton, Hibru and pr0to). I will deal with these games tomorrow.
Still we have rounds 2 and 3. I will deal with games from round 2 on Monday (23rd of January). Round 3, Monday after (30th January).
What I mean by "deal" is: if players didn't agree on time and date (can be past the schedule) so that admins can schedule it, then someone get a w/o or double w/o.
Most active gets a win.
I dont care what div you are or how good you are, if you wont show interest in playing/scheduling you will lose by w/o.
If you dont play your games you make everyone else wait for you. By waiting other players can get out of form, get pissed, annoyed etc. or simply loose interest in playing.
If you cant play, say so and let the league continue.
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2x2::2017::Is started!2017-01-10 13:41 | k1ra
Hi everyone,

2x2 is officially stared!

More details here

Let the blood run!

And now go and kill each other (c) welkin
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2 days before start of 2x22017-01-07 16:54 | k1ra
Listen and do not tell you wasn't been told.

Only 2 days left before the start of the 2x2 league. So please everyone who's thinking to signup but haven't done it yet.

Just press signup button. Or you can just tell me about your wish! Cmon! Cheers!
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It's timeeeeee for 2x2? - 20172016-12-18 16:40 | k1ra
Ladies and gentlemen,

It's timeeeeee for 2x2?::2017::singnups are opened!

The tournament is OPEN, so everyone is welcome, just find mate and sign up :>
The goal is to make this going really fast, so sign ups will be closed January 9th.

League admins are k1ru flag and AlexJ flag

More details on 2x2? page: q2scene.net/2x2/index.php?op=com&id=2975
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