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EDL #16
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Slow and paintfull playoffs2017-01-16 21:38 | ceba
Its me again, that means bad news ;)
Playoffs were announced on 6th of December 2016. That's 6 weeks ago. As Claire mentioned in his post, we were planning that one round = one week, so 6 rounds :) If we take December as a festive period when no one cares about q2, let say it was a round 1.
Still someone didnt manage to play a single game during those 6 weeks (MHZ, Barton, Hibru and pr0to). I will deal with these games tomorrow.
Still we have rounds 2 and 3. I will deal with games from round 2 on Monday (23rd of January). Round 3, Monday after (30th January).
What I mean by "deal" is: if players didn't agree on time and date (can be past the schedule) so that admins can schedule it, then someone get a w/o or double w/o.
Most active gets a win.
I dont care what div you are or how good you are, if you wont show interest in playing/scheduling you will lose by w/o.
If you dont play your games you make everyone else wait for you. By waiting other players can get out of form, get pissed, annoyed etc. or simply loose interest in playing.
If you cant play, say so and let the league continue.

2017-04-21 12:01 
Ceba: I see. emo

Edited: 2017-04-21 21:17
2017-04-19 21:17 
Barton, I think Claire is a bit busy. I told him that all games are played and EDL #15 is finished so maybe when he does have time he will sort it out. I, mere admin, cant do that.

k1ra, it is up to you. I suppose until Claire does his work you can play but somehow I highly doubt this match is going to happen. All this time Ivers was too busy, doubt it will change now. emo

Edited: 2017-04-19 21:18
2017-04-18 08:54 
I think that we will play with Ivers finally, let's wait till upcoming Sunday
2017-04-18 03:05 
Admins: Can we update the awards section as we have just finished Season 15? It also looks like none were given for Season 14 as well. emo
2017-02-07 18:08 
'better looking' Archi ?

I hope you didn't "change religion" emo
2017-02-06 21:56 
It doesn't matter mirr, you got such a great personality, who cares about your looks emo
2017-02-06 17:51 
Looks are subjective you idiot. And you're not, anyway.
2017-02-06 17:12 
At least I am better looking than you, myrmidon emo
2017-02-04 22:17 
i 'know-ed' arch will crawl from his hole to defend 'unmistakable' hbq admins

I 'knew' arch 'would' crawl ...

It's always better to ignore Arch and Gerdt. They were never any good at Quake 2 anyway.
2017-02-04 16:47 
i 'know-ed' arch will crawl from his hole to defend 'unmistakable' hbq admins emo
2017-02-03 21:45 
Admins never ruined eq2l nor 2x2 MRT emo
2017-01-30 05:52 
top warning
Reverence 24
quad 16.5
st1gmata 16
Damiah 14
roon2 12

2017-01-19 12:37 
Main point is:

Are You play quake2 or not.

No one play quake2 nowadays on 'professional level' "except" few big mouths who want to use current shape (they have more time then others, witch is easy without family and kids) and easy win in league of retired players

So if you are quake2 player you coming to play anyway and if you have league game its even better

but if quake2 take to much of your time to wait retired player in league of retired players

just slowly 'ride in sunset'

Edited: 2017-01-19 12:41
2017-01-17 18:24 
funny to hear how someone can't play a game in 6 weeks while he watched a couple of seasons of drama and drinked with his friends for few times at least.

Edited: 2017-01-17 18:25
2017-01-17 17:31 
Good update and also agree that the league must go on as scheduled! Keep up the good work emo
2017-01-17 14:06 
Another example (good and bad at the same time) Div3.
We already know who is going to play in the final, cause WB is finished. But the losers probably will drag this for ever.

Talk to other players, mostly irritated cause they have to wait.

So I think you cant compare EDL admins with euroq2l. It is actually cause I care I am doing this.
See it as a motivation emo

Edited: 2017-01-17 14:07
2017-01-17 13:55 
I am open to suggestions Muerte emo
If you are interested go check edge leagues page and you will see what happens when admins are nice and wait for players.

Are you saying that admins should respect one or two players and dont mind what others think?
I dont think it is fair in regards of other players that everyone should be waiting on one.
Players play more in during group games, reach their good form, and then stop, they have to wait for months to play their games.
Also there are multiple ways to let admins know that you have to postpone.
All I am asking is to agree on a date, and as I am writing it can be after the deadline.
Like keizer vs numa, keizer wrote that they will play after 20th, thats not good, cause its ways past deadline but we will wait cause they have agreed on something.
2017-01-17 11:14 
@Muerte the main idea is to finish the league in some reasonable time, that's it.
We can't wait too much for all players. While waiting for one player another one may have lost the interest. So it's just a recursion emo
2017-01-17 10:46 
"I dont care what div you are or how good you are"


On same way 'admins' who didn't care to respect players and teams ruined 2x2 league and eurq2l league

I guess its time to EDL went down

Its ok if admin don't have time or lost interest to resign

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