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EDL #16
IRC: #EDL | Demos: http://demos.q2players.org
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Round II
2018-02-18 19:00flag st1gmata vs isbjorn flag0:3
2018-02-07 14:00flag xawik vs claire flag3:0
2018-01-29 19:00flag prod vs Kondrat flag3:0
Round I
2018-02-13 16:00flag skater vs bolt flag3:2
2018-02-13 11:00flag GGG vs engintoo flag3:0
2018-02-12 15:00flag ivers vs detina flag3:0
2018-02-09 14:00flag The General vs Faster flag3:0
2018-02-06 19:00flag PURRI vs DM flag3:0
2018-01-23 19:00flag detina vs st1gmata flag0:3
2018-01-23 14:00flag skater vs claire flag1:3
2018-01-21 20:00flag isbjorn vs ivers flag3:0
2018-01-21 09:00flag pr0to vs prod flag2:3
2018-01-19 19:00flag roon2 vs Polosatiy flag3:0
2018-01-19 09:00flag Kondrat vs zyga flag3:2
2018-01-18 15:00flag Sol vs VERSACE flag1:3
2018-01-17 10:00flag `norman vs Reverence flag3:0
2018-01-10 14:00flag xawik vs bolt flag3:0


No matches.

Div 3b

Round V
2017-11-18 20:00flag The General vs bolt flag2:0
2017-11-06 14:00flag a13-Alex vs GGG. flag0:2
2017-11-06 14:00flag claire vs DV-VooDoo flag2:0
Round IV
2017-10-27 15:00flag GGG. vs The General flag2:0
2017-10-13 21:00flag claire vs a13-Alex flag2:0
2017-10-13 21:00flag bolt vs DV-VooDoo flag0:0
Round III
2017-11-05 22:00flag bolt vs GGG. flag0:2
2017-10-27 10:00flag The General vs claire flag2:0
2017-10-13 21:00flag a13-Alex vs DV-VooDoo flag0:2
Round II
2017-10-17 12:00flag claire vs bolt flag2:0
2017-10-13 21:00flag GGG. vs DV-VooDoo flag2:0
2017-10-13 21:00flag a13-Alex vs The General flag0:2
Round I
2017-10-17 19:30flag GGG. vs claire flag2:0
2017-10-05 14:00flag The General vs DV-VooDoo flag2:0
2017-10-05 14:00flag bolt vs a13-Alex flag2:0

Div 3a

Round V
2017-11-06 22:00flag backfire vs skater flag0:2
2017-11-06 14:00flag engintoo vs einer flag2:0
2017-11-06 14:00flag xawik vs Faster flag2:0
Round IV
2017-11-07 00:00flag skater vs Faster flag1:2
2017-11-05 21:00flag einer vs backfire flag2:0
2017-10-13 21:00flag xawik vs engintoo flag2:0
Round III
2017-11-10 00:40flag engintoo vs Faster flag0:2
2017-11-04 22:00flag skater vs einer flag2:0
2017-10-31 15:00flag backfire vs xawik flag0:2
Round II
2017-11-10 23:00flag einer vs Faster flag0:2
2017-11-09 23:00flag engintoo vs backfire flag2:0
2017-10-27 15:00flag xawik vs skater flag2:1
Round I
2017-10-22 00:00flag skater vs engintoo flag2:0
2017-10-05 14:00flag backfire vs Faster flag0:2
2017-10-05 14:00flag einer vs xawik flag0:2

Div 2a

Round VII
2017-11-28 21:00flag VERSACE vs Polosatiy flag2:0
2017-11-08 22:45flag Kondrat vs dangermk23 flag2:0
2017-10-24 14:00flag playOK vs kabysdoh flag0:2
Round VI
2017-12-05 09:00flag pr0to vs playOK flag2:0
2017-11-26 09:00flag Polosatiy vs Kondrat flag0:2
2017-10-18 15:00flag kabysdoh vs VERSACE flag0:2
Round V
2017-11-21 23:00flag VERSACE vs pr0to flag1:2
2017-11-18 23:00flag Kondrat vs kabysdoh flag2:0
2017-11-14 21:00flag dangermk23 vs Polosatiy flag0:2
Round IV
2017-11-11 23:40flag kabysdoh vs dangermk23 flag2:0
2017-11-05 20:00flag pr0to vs Kondrat flag1:2
2017-10-25 12:00flag playOK vs VERSACE flag2:0
Round III
2017-11-20 15:00flag Kondrat vs playOK flag2:0
2017-11-03 00:00flag dangermk23 vs pr0to flag0:2
2017-10-31 21:00flag Polosatiy vs kabysdoh flag2:0
Round II
2017-10-31 17:00flag pr0to vs Polosatiy flag2:0
2017-10-30 19:00flag VERSACE vs Kondrat flag0:2
2017-10-30 14:00flag playOK vs dangermk23 flag2:0
Round I
2017-10-23 14:00flag Polosatiy vs playOK flag2:1
2017-10-19 08:00flag dangermk23 vs VERSACE flag0:2
2017-10-18 15:00flag kabysdoh vs pr0to flag0:2

Div 2b

Round VII
2017-12-05 15:00flag Sol vs prod flag2:0
2017-11-06 14:00flag Hibru vs zyga flag0:2
2017-10-07 19:00flag roon2 vs Heisenburg flag2:0
Round VI
2017-11-28 16:00flag zyga vs Sol flag1:2
2017-11-06 14:00flag Barton vs Hibru flag2:0
2017-11-02 21:00flag prod vs roon2 flag1:2
Round V
2017-11-19 17:30flag Sol vs Barton flag0:2
2017-11-05 22:00flag roon2 vs zyga flag2:1
2017-10-07 19:00flag Heisenburg vs prod flag0:2
Round IV
2017-11-06 14:00flag Hibru vs Sol flag0:2
2017-11-04 18:00flag Barton vs roon2 flag0:2
2017-10-07 19:00flag zyga vs Heisenburg flag2:0
Round III
2017-11-06 14:00flag roon2 vs Hibru flag2:0
2017-11-02 20:00flag prod vs zyga flag2:0
2017-10-07 19:00flag Heisenburg vs Barton flag0:2
Round II
2017-11-05 15:00flag Sol vs roon2 flag0:2
2017-10-29 11:00flag Barton vs prod flag0:2
2017-10-07 19:00flag Hibru vs Heisenburg flag2:0
Round I
2017-10-22 23:00flag zyga vs Barton flag2:0
2017-10-22 12:00flag prod vs Hibru flag1:2
2017-10-05 14:00flag Heisenburg vs Sol flag0:2

Div 1a

Round V
2017-12-05 09:00flag ivers vs kinezu flag0:0
2017-12-05 09:00flag PURRI vs st1gmata flag2:0
Round IV
2017-11-26 21:00flag `norman vs PURRI flag0:2
2017-11-02 21:00flag st1gmata vs ivers flag2:0
Round III
2017-11-28 22:00flag ivers vs `norman flag1:2
2017-11-14 19:30flag kinezu vs st1gmata flag1:2
Round II
2017-12-05 00:00flag `norman vs kinezu flag2:0
2017-11-13 19:00flag PURRI vs ivers flag2:0
Round I
2017-10-24 22:00flag kinezu vs PURRI flag0:2
2017-10-18 08:00flag st1gmata vs `norman flag0:2

Div 1b

Round V
2017-11-06 14:00flag Reverence vs isbjorn flag0:2
2017-10-07 19:00flag myrmidon^ vs DM flag0:2
Round IV
2017-11-06 14:00flag detina vs Reverence flag2:0
2017-10-07 19:00flag isbjorn vs myrmidon^ flag2:0
Round III
2017-11-06 14:00flag DM vs isbjorn flag0:2
2017-10-07 19:00flag myrmidon^ vs detina flag0:2
Round II
2017-10-13 21:00flag detina vs DM flag2:0
2017-10-07 19:00flag Reverence vs myrmidon^ flag2:0
Round I
2017-10-23 17:00flag isbjorn vs detina flag2:1
2017-10-05 14:00flag DM vs Reverence flag0:2

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